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[编号] JC-T-W-Z-19060034-1
[尺寸] 直径:3.9cm 重量:约26.7g
[分类] 杂项精品


"Big head" yuan in money collection area is known as the treasure of the coin, it is the most popular in China in nearly one thousand kinds of modern COINS, influence, most large varieties, and is also an important role in the monetary system reform in modern China, represents the currency of modern Chinese culture, reflects the rise and fall of China's modern history, economic, financial and vicissitudes of life, has the very high ornamental value and cultural value of art, has a certain value and function of appreciation. Especially in recent years, with the growing investment, coupled with the rise and fall of the stimulation by international gold and silver, the "big head" three years of the republic of China yuan popular with each passing day, the price rise. The vast majority of the personage inside course of study thinks "three years of big yuan" is a horse of silver collection "dark horse", has the high appreciation potential.



Yuan shikai silver casting of the three years of the republic of China has many different versions, and in positive pattern is basically the same, but in the back of the design and some details is different。 After xinhai revolution, yuan shikai took the "temporary President", and then become a formal President, is due to historical and social background at that time, so he is only a short 83 days, which makes the bulk of yuan circulation time and only quantity is greatly reduced。 As the saying goes, scarcity value, so that most of the surviving yuan has great value and appreciation of space, was deeply loved by collect lover!



Money is a means of exchange, is also a kind of special cultural carrier, it is a special commodity is exquisite works of art, is also the period of political, economic, culture reflect the state of the art。 Bei China coin, for example, by the thousands of years ago, development to today's beautifully printed cloth, imitation pseudo advanced technology of paper money to the "one card" electronic money。。。 The change of currency enrichment for thousands of years of history, thanks to the surviving including yuan big head, all kinds of ancient currency, let us now can also through the baptism of years to appreciate the past years。



In this paper, the collection although has experienced the baptism of the infinite time, but now is still relatively well preserved. Its bright natural color, grain depth is moderate, edge line even thickness, spacing and density. Portrait, hair and beard, mans subtleties has a clear and vivid and natural. Character design is pure and fresh, smooth and natural, nuanced, like eyebrows, mustache, double-fold eyelid is clear; BiMian close flat, no pores, have soft feeling, gently touch attack, pure, warble sound, can be identified as the high-quality goods in bulk, three years of the republic of China yuan is a fine silver has the very high collection value, the appreciation of its future value is limitless!


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