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[编号] JC-Y-H-Y-19060014-1
[尺寸] 高:24.2cm 重量:约894.6g
[分类] 杂项精品


Bronze wares are found all over the world and are a symbol of world civilization. The earliest bronzes appeared in the two rivers 6,000 years ago. The large bronze knives carved with the image of a lion during the Sumerian civilization were representative of the early bronzes. China's bronzes mainly refer to bronze objects made of copper and tin more than 4,000 years ago, referred to as "bronze". Including pots, utensils, wine, water, musical instruments, horses and horses, bronze mirrors, hooks, weapons, tools and scales. It appeared in China in the early days and was popular in 4,000 years ago. Until the Qin and Han dynasties, the Shang and Zhou dynasties were the most beautiful. With the advancement of smelting technology, bronzes were gradually replaced by ironware more than 2,000 years ago.


中国最早出现的青铜器,是小型工具或饰物。夏代始有青铜容器和兵器使用。至商中期,青铜器品种已很丰富,并出现了铭文和精细的花纹。商晚期至西周早期,是青铜器发展的鼎盛时期,器型多种多样,浑厚凝重,铭文逐渐加长,花纹繁缛富丽。随后,随着技术的进一步发展,青铜器胎体开始变薄,纹饰逐渐趋于简化。春秋晚期至战国,由于铁器的推广使用,铜制工具越来越少。秦汉时期,随着陶器和漆器进入日常生活,铜制容器品种也日渐减少。而且装饰简单,多为素面,胎体也更为轻薄。The earliest bronzes in China were small tools or ornaments. Bronze containers and weapons were used in the Xia Dynasty. In the middle of the business, the bronze wares were very rich, and inscriptions and fine patterns appeared. From the late Shang Dynasty to the early Western Zhou Dynasty, it was the heyday of the development of bronzes. There were many kinds of shapes, thick and dignified, and the inscriptions gradually lengthened and the patterns were rich and prosperous. Subsequently, with the further development of the technology, the bronze carcass began to thin, and the ornamentation gradually became simplified. From the late Spring and Autumn Period to the Warring States Period, due to the promotion and use of ironware, there are fewer and fewer copper tools. During the Qin and Han Dynasties, as pottery and lacquerware entered daily life, the variety of copper containers was also decreasing. Moreover, the decoration is simple, mostly plain, and the carcass is also lighter and thinner.



Hey, it is a kind of utensil that combines sputum and drink。 The shape is a bit like a bird, and its shape is similar to that of cockroaches。 This shape first appeared in the Shandong region along the coast of China。 Shandong is located in the eastern part of China, at that time it was a tribe of Shaolin and Taiyi。 They use birds as totems, so it is not difficult to understand why there are artifacts of this shape。 The difference is that the mouth has a trough-type "flow", also known as "喙", with three feet。 "Said the text of the Ministry": "Hey, three-legged kettle also。 There are handles", mainly used for stewing soup, warm wine, and then served as a tableware directly on the feast。

此文中的青铜鬶,实际器物高约24.2cm ,重量约894.6g,外形似鸟三足鼎立,喙以流线型呈75°曲于上方,背部有柄,鬶壁镌有铭文;整只青铜鬶经历时代的洗礼,外表已生成了孔雀石绿与枣皮红的铜锈,这种自然形成的色彩给青铜鬶更披上了一层华丽的外衣;加上镌刻的铭文、图腾与纹案,仿佛是在侃侃述说着文明古国漫长历史长河中的璀璨文化阅历。

The bronze enamel in this article, the actual object is about 24.2cm high and weighs about 894.6g. It looks like a bird with three legs. The streamlined shape is 75° to the top, the back has a handle, and the plaque has an inscription. The whole bronze urn has experienced the times. Baptism, the appearance has produced the rust of malachite green and jujube red, this naturally formed color gives the bronze enamel a layer of gorgeous coat; plus the engraved inscriptions, totems and patterns, as if It tells the experience of the culture of the ancient civilization in the long history of civilization.


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